Acceptable Use Of Technology Agreement

We look forward to cybersecurity and invite you to discuss the following agreements with your child so that you and your child stay safe if you use Digital Technologies at school or at home. “Cyber-harassment” is harassment that uses electronic technology as a means of harassing others. This is the use of an Internet service or mobile technologies such as email, discussion forum focus groups, instant messaging, web pages or SMS (text messaging) for the purpose of harming another person. PARENTS: After reading the agreement on the authorized use of technologies, the user agreement (signed by all adult users and users of level 5 students). Parents can access the full agreement on the Sentral parents` portal and read it. Passwords are used for different purposes under [organization name]. Some of the most common uses include user-level accounts, web accounts, email accounts, screen protection, voicemail, and local router requests. Since very few systems support unique tokens (i.e. dynamic passwords that are used only once), everyone needs to know how to choose secure passwords. All of the above password rules apply to password phrases. I have read, understood and will follow the above guidelines regarding authorized use if I use computers and other electronic resources belonging to the [name of the organization], leased or operated. I also understand that any violation of the above rules is unethical and may constitute a criminal offence.

If I violate an offence, my access rights may be revoked, disciplinary action may be taken against schools and/or legal action is initiated. The [name of the organization] recognizes the value of computers and other electronic resources to improve student learning and improve the administration and functioning of their schools. To this end, the [name of the governing body] encourages the responsible use of computers; computer networks, including the internet; and other electronic resources to support the mission and objectives of [the organization`s name] and its schools. “Cybercrime” occurs when computers or other electronic communications devices (e.g.B.