Agreement Purchase Order Table Sap

Figure 1 – Collecting shared order statistics for a contract position A share order is an order (or order request from which an order is generated) with a reference to a framework agreement. This is important because it is good to know that at least for SAP`s marketing authorization statistics® subsequent transactions, such as inflows of goods and invoices, play no role in the first step. In the statistics (i.e. in the view of the booking and also in the view of the data), a quantity or value is displayed as a shared order once the order is placed. Even if there is no delivery (and/or receipt) or receipt of the invoice, this transfer order documentation initially shows a reduction in the remaining/residual value. This is also shown in the EKAB table, as it contains only the quantity and net value of the order as fields, but no information about receiving or receiving the goods. Details of how the EKEK and EKEH tables relate to the EKek and EKEH tables, as well as the PRPS project structure plan table. EKKO – Purchasing Manager EKPO – E-commerce items EKKN – Correspondence in the purchase book EKES – EKAB Supplier Confirmations – Release Documentation EKBZ – History per purchase part: EKBE Delivery Costs – History per EKEK Purchase Piece – Data from the head for 160T – Description of RESB selection parameters – Reservations /PRPS Dependent Requirements – PSP (Project Plan) Element Basic Data It is interesting to note that although the statistics of the publication order show a total of four supporting documents of purchase, the cumulative sum is for the first three 0. Only the last order with the order number 4500017169 and Article 10 contains an order of 2 tons, reducing the amount of open target from 250 to 248 tons.

The total net value of the order for all sharing tasks is displayed in the line marked in yellow. However, because the target value is stored at the head, the item does not display the performance of the target or a documented residual value in the same way as for the position of the quantity contract (if you want to display the target value at the head, select the hat symbol in the ME33K home screen as usual). The category of supporting documents makes it possible to distinguish the different types of purchase cartons (z.B. order, delivery plan, contract). The type of command commands z.B. assigning numbers for an order and determines which fields you need to maintain. What is the name of the basic data table of the order contract called? and by the way, tell me a relative picture of the agreement. The first list contains only PO data tables. In the next part, the customization tables for the order will be listed in the SAP-MM purchase.

The EKKO is the tribal control board. EKPO is the table of articles. EKBE is the table of order history. EBAN is the table of order requirements. EBKN is the “Order Account Assignment” table. Hello Thanks for your reply, and if I use me31k to create a chord, and generate a figure like 4600000067, in which table would I find this number? For the sake of completeness, a screenshot of a value contract bearing the document number 46000003030 is presented below; The statistics of the publication orders for Article 20 are similar: below, you will find a list of SAP database tables relating to the order, the data they store and how they are related. Also click on the table name to get all the details of the fields, including the key of the table along with other information such as control tables, text tables… The EKAB table is therefore a good starting point for our unlocking missions.