Ups Driver Union Agreement

UPS Store employees are not unionized and are not covered by this agreement. October 5, 2018 UPS National Master and Supplements Since the announcement that a preliminary agreement has been reached with UPS, the National Negotiating Committee (NNC) has provided members with an unprecedented number of brochures and summaries explaining the terms of the proposed contract. We held conference calls to highlight improvements to the new agreement [.] UPS says these cheaper drivers will give them the flexibility they need to compete in the cutthroat world of online commerce. In fact, UPS is clashing with many non-unionized operators who pay much lower wages. On the one hand, Amazon relies on its own army of “independent contractors” who deliver from their own vehicles, as well as little-known courier companies that do not offer the payment, benefits or stability of a company like UPS. July 20, 2018 The UPS CSI explanation meeting is scheduled for August 11, 2018 at 9 a.m. UpS Explanatory Freight Meeting is scheduled for August 11, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. Both meetings take place here at Teamsters Union Hall, here in Tukwila. At these meetings, we will have the full content of the preliminary agreements on […] The new contract will improve wage growth for all categories of workers, meaning that some members will receive immediate increases of up to $2 to $3 per hour. Workers who already receive the maximum rate will receive an increase of $4.10 over the five-year contract. Full-time seniority workers (at least 90 days on duty) earn twice as much time on weekends if they work at least five hours. But many experienced drivers are unaware of the long-term impact such a two-class system could have on the position.

As HuffPost has already pointed out, they are concerned that the work will shift to lower-paid hybrid drivers and that they will be ripe for operation. They are particularly concerned about a quarrel of solidarity, because drivers could ultimately do the same work for less pay than others. The implementation of the contract guarantees a level of security for UPS for the next four years. “This agreement and the master`s contract previously negotiated for UPS Freight employees help ensure that UPS and our employees are well positioned to succeed in the years to come,” said Teri McClure, Chief Human Resources Officer und Senior Vice President of Labor at UPS. Teamsters ratified the master`s contract last October, although more union members voted against the agreement than they did. According to trade union rules, two-thirds of them must reject the agreement if less than half of the members vote. Only 44% of the members took part in the ratification referendum, but among them they did not reject the agreement by a two-thirds majority. 29 June 2018 Since last week`s agreement in principle with UPS on the national UPS agreement, negotiations on endorsements have been planned. As stated in the update of the previous contract (21 June), endorsements must first be resolved and approved by local UPS unions. This week`s update will be put to the […] One of the controversial topics at the negotiating table was the implementation of technology in the operation of the UPS. The new contract requires UPS to hire teamsters six months before the announcement of business plans to integrate new technologies such as drones, driverless vehicles or road trains.