Blue Moon Lease Agreement

You can still use the Blue Moon interface you`re used to, and if you`ve executed your lease in Blue Moon, Rentec Direct automatically retrieves the final PDF documents and stores them in your client file library. Rentec Direct can now be integrated into Blue Moon to save you time processing Blue Moon forms and leases. A new collaboration between Rentec Direct and Blue Moon allows you to access your state-specific legal forms and documents in your Rentec Direct account. Blue Moon integration connects your Blue Moon account to your Rentec Direct account, making it easy to view current leases and documents and share completed documents in the client file library. Blue Moon Software has one of the largest collections of legally verified leases and forms in the country. Blue Moon works with leading national and government associations for property managers and homeowners. These include forms from the National Apartment Association, the Texas Apartments Association, the North Carolina Apartments Association and the Georgia Apartment Association, as well as many others. Not only are your rentals automatically recovered and stored securely in your Rentec Direct account, but we have also extended to integration some extra time saving details. Once your accounts are connected, you can create a specific lease for your Blue Moon account and share it for your client file library in Rentec Direct, so your customers can easily access and view them.

If you access your forms through Bluemoon Software, you can view and print REDBOOK online as part of your licensing agreement. If you have legal issues, REDBOOK gives you the information and confidence you need to easily deal with difficult situations. The only comprehensive guide for rental homeowners and managers in Texas, REDBOOK contains state bylaws, regulatory regulations, legal comments, management and eviction forms, unpublished legal articles and copies of TAA leases and lease forms. To use Blue Moon integration, you need an active Blue Moon account and sign in. Visit to learn more. Please copy this integration script and insert it where you want to fit into the Summary tab, in the quick access links (bottom left of the screen), select Blue Moon to see all current and executed leases in your Blue Moon account.